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Collins-Grattan Floyd

Author of the publications Game Over, MS (2019), The Compatibility Matrix: The Qualities of YOUR Ideal Mate (2011), An Open Letter to Charles Krauthammer (2018), and Trump in the Middle: Why America Needs a Middle Child This Time Around (2016).

You can order any of her books via your favorite bookseller, just ask them!


Featured on CTN.


Heather's Latest Publications

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Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age 29 in 2000, Heather Collins-Grattan Floyd developed a simple system to keep her MS under control. She uses the acronym SYSTEMS to delineate this formula, and she explains how the system can be easily applied to your life – and crush your MS for good.

“Game Over, MS is an easy, concise read. I found this book to be informative and interesting, as the author incorporated personal experiences while living with MS.”



“I really enjoyed Heather Collins Grattan's unique RESPECT principle; immediately took the inventory myself, and now have those qualities in my mind as I meet new people. Also, I especially appreciated the chapter on Second Marriages, and that the book is chock-full of examples.” – B.S.


“For singles still looking for that Someone Special, this book will help you think about both yourself (what things are really important to you?) and the qualities that you SHOULD be looking for in a spouse (what things will make someone compatible with you?).”


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