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Game Over, MS

Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age 29 in 2000, Heather Collins-Grattan Floyd developed a simple system to keep her MS under control. She uses the acronym SYSTEMS to delineate this formula, and she explains how the system can be easily applied to your life – and crush your MS for good.

Trump in the Middle: Why America Needs a Middle Child This Time Around

Most U.S. presidents have been firstborns, which is the birth order that is distinguished by self-confidence and assuming leadership even among friends. Almost two decades after the most horrific attack on American civilians in our country’s history, it seems ideal to elect a president who instead leads by being a natural team-player – a middle child – like Donald Trump.

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An Open Letter to Charles Krauthammer

When commentator Charles Krauthammer announced he had only several weeks left to live, Heather Collins-Grattan Floyd published an open letter to Mr. Krauthammer. There was no agenda here – what enfolded in the letter is a study of the Scriptures and what they say to prepare us for meeting the Lord.

The Compatibility Matrix: The Qualities of YOUR Ideal Mate

If you’re wondering what type of person is the best match for you, you’ll learn all about Mr/s. Right by filling out the Matrix. Heather Collins-Grattan Floyd devised the acronym RESPECT for a measurable, understandable way to analyze the people you meet and determine whether someone may be The One for you.

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HCSB Study Bible

Holman Bible Publishers assembled a team of ecumenical leaders to devise the most comprehensive study Bible ever compiled. Heather Collins-Grattan Floyd divided the Bible into three years’ worth of daily portions in order to make it as easy as possible to read the entire written Word of God.

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