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“Game Over, MS is an easy, concise read. I found this book to be informative and interesting, as the author incorporated personal experiences while living with MS.”


“Excellent. Should be read by Charles Krauthammer fans.”


“I really enjoyed Heather Collins Grattan's unique RESPECT principle; immediately took the inventory myself, and now have those qualities in my mind as I meet new people. Also, I especially appreciated the chapter on Second Marriages, and that the book is chock-full of examples.”


“Ms. Collins-Grattan Floyd seamlessly merges birth order research with the latest in psychological profiling in political science. Her case about why America really needs a middle child for President is compelling and very helpful to voters past and present--and filled with twists and turns along the way. A fantastic read, and I highly, highly recommend it to all!”


“As a single guy, I found this book to be a very easy, enjoyable and informative read. It is also quite practical, because many of the topics can easily be brought up in casual conversation during the first couple dates with someone. The RESPECT acronym will help you remember each topic. Some of the topics were expected (e.g., Religion), but others were both surprising and fascinating to me (see for yourself!"


“With The Compatibility Matrix, Heather Collins Grattan has come up with what looks like a foolproof system for finding the perfect mate. Her 7-point RESPECT model reveals all the points of compatibility necessary to achieve a fulfilling, satisfying and successful relationship. This book showed me how the criteria most of us use to evaluate relationships is flawed---and offered a new, refreshing, common-sense way to discover if that special someone is really "the one". 


Heather has written a truly inspirational book of joy, hope, courage, and faith. Instead of letting her diagnosis define her, she took proactive steps to control her diet and mindset to create a joyful life rooted in her Christian faith. Her story is inspirational and remarkable. I strongly urge all to read and to buy this book. Five stars!


"Two decades after being diagnosed with MS, author Heather Collins Floyd is defying conventional medical wisdom by leading an active and productive life. What's her secret? It's all laid out in her latest intimate and insightful treatise that may focus on MS, but actually serves two valuable purposes: It not only provides MS sufferers with new hope and an effective regimen for coping with their condition  but also offers practical advice to anyone else on staying healthy based on sound traditional and alternative medical science. This is a thoroughly entertaining - as well as enlightening - read well worth your time and interest."


Game Over MS is an incredible book that puts you in the point of view of someone who has MS, and the struggles that come with it. Additionally, Heather does a great job outlining an effective procedure for managing her condition that can be used for anyone even if they aren't experiencing any medical issues. I would recommend that everyone should read this great book to get a true perspective on the daily struggles of someone with a medical condition that manages it so well, you wouldn't know she has it.


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